MELAG - Made in Germany

Quality and innovation - the factors behind the success of a family company

MELAG is an owner-managed family company and has been focusing consistently on products for practice hygiene since the foundation in 1951. This concentration means that for us as a medium-sized company it is possible to further develop our brands with a team of highly qualified, specialist engineers at a top international level.


Today, MELAG is by far the largest manufacturer of practice sterilizers and thermal disinfectors to manufacture exclusively these products. The consistent specialisation is an important condition for the high quality of the MELAG product range. Users justifiably demand optimal products, quality and reliability from MELAG. Through the consistent realisation of the MELAG guiding principles “competence in hygiene” and “quality - made in Germany”, MELAG guarantees to meet these requirements.

MELAG Vacuklav 41B+
MELAG MELAtherm 10

Steam Sterilizers

Quality and innovation, tried and trusted all over the world. Over 500.000 devices throughout the world are the best proof of MELAG quality.

Washer Disinfector

Protect you and your team from infection and ensure the quality of your preparation using MELAtherm. A newly developed and innovative product of the highest quality.

Sealing Devices

Impermeability packaging are the prerequisite for the sterility of the instruments. A sealer will help you to ensure that packaging and to guarantee optimal protection against infection.

Water Treatment

The safest and most economical way to high quality water is to produce one's own water supply in the practice. The automatic refilling of the autoclaves and washer disinfectors saves time and cuts costs.


The best technology and greatest care during preparation are only legally binding if the results are documented and the functionality of the devices used is checked regularly.


It is essential to package "critical" medical products in such a way as to ensure the sterility of instruments during use. Instruments must be packed germ-free as a prerequisite for their sterility.


MELAdes is a balanced hygiene system for the desinfection of your hands, surfaces, instruments and dental drills.