About us


As a partner of local specialised distributors in the medical, dental and veterinary sectors, we are focusing on marketing and sales of high-quality products manufactured by well-known family-owned German companies.

Nationally, we operate in Northern Germany. Internationally, we act as an export and sales office for selected brands in Northern Europe, BENELUX and the Baltic States.

quality & trust

Rising standards in the medical and dental field – not only those required by law – ask for continuous changes that our suppliers and partners have to face. We only sell first-class quality products that, in addition to the requirements stipulated by law, contribute to the protection, safety and well being of the practice and hospital staff and the patients.

Competence, reliability, customer orientation, trust – Quality made in Germany. The basis for our business relationships.

our team

Konstantin Hans

E-Mail: hans@wkw-melag.de
Phone: (+49) 40 611 64 13 0

Lennart Hans

Mail: l.hans@wkw-melag.de
Phone: (+49) 40 – 611 64 13 15
Mobil: (+49) 172 97 00 533

Jendrik Hans

Mail: j.hans@wkw-drmach.de
Phone: (+49) 40 – 611 64 13 14
Mobil: (+49) 173 58 65 956